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Designing, Creating, Building for Nearly 100 Years

H.R. Slater is a Chicago-based Precision Machining company dedicated to providing the highest quality and cost effective products to the marketplace. With over 90 years experience, we possess all the tools to take an idea or drawing from inception to delivered product in a very short amount of time.

The H.R. Slater Company has been an ISO 9001 certified organization since 1998, which means all of our manufacturing processes’ and inspection records are independently audited to promote the highest level of quality and consistency.


We have always taken great pride in our ability to accommodate all of our customers needs. Our production facility was specifically designed to handle the most demanding requests. Scheduling flexibility and machinery redundancy allows us to respond quickly to time sensitive orders.


Our company has formed numerous strategic partnerships over the years in order to provide our customers a one-stop solution for all of their machining and fabricating needs. We have the ability to deliver any part on time and on budget.

Mission Statement

The H. R. Slater company has set the industry standard for the highest quality precision machining for nearly 100 years by utilizing the talents and ambitions of our respected employees. Every member of our team is dedicated to one common goal of producing the best product in the most efficient manner possible. We strive to exceed all client expectations through a combination of our time proven techniques and processes, practical problem solving abilities and strong sense of responsibility in understanding all of their needs. Over our many years in business, we have always put forth a concerted effort to seek out new ideas and technologies to enhance our strong commitment to this most important industry. Going forward, we pledge to conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism in order to maintain the reputation all of our employees worked so hard to achieve.